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Meet the Boomiz: they're completely crazy and love a big BOOM!

Take control of the skies with a Boomiz army in this epic REAL-TIME strategy game! Crush enemy islands and wipe out invading forces. Create a powerful Alliance with players around the world and destroy the enemy together.

Fight Real-time Battles
Duel players in epic real-time strategy battles (and beat your unskilled friends haha).

Build a Beautiful Village
Craft Red Metal, build up your island and protect its edge with angry boomiz launchers, blue lasers and what not.

Unlock New Boomiz
There are many Boomiz to be unlocked through the game. Gotta unlock 'em all, right? Form the best combo between them and beat your opponent!

Form an Alliance
Form an Alliance with other players and conquer the world


Boomiz is only available on iOS in France right now. An Android release in France is due in the coming weeks.
We can't wait to release the game in the rest of the world. We'll keep you posted!

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